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No one likes to be interrupted. Especially when it comes to connecting to your favorite apps, your music, your text life and your Facebook posts.

Say hello to Smart Access, the intuitive cloud-based solution to driving without interruptions. At first glance, it looks like a simple in-dash navigation system. But does your nav let you dictate Tweets, texts and Facebook posts with conversational style voice recognition or offer Google powered search capabilities? How about real-time, on-the-go analysis of your destination route? And telling you if the back tire is low? How about allowing you to input the destination address by simply stating the address in a single phrase without insisting on having you follow steps and inflexible command words?

Clarion’s Smart Access does. It also offers you the ability to customize your own entertainment, infotainment and productivity apps so you can have everything exactly how you want it. The large screen and interface are easy to navigate. The adaptable design is virtually future-proof. The mix of real-time services and support eclipses every other cloud-based system in the world. And, the always-on network connectivity will ensure that your connections will never be interrupted.

Some features are in development and may be subject to change.

Proactive Analysis of Destination & Route Information

• Ensures safe and trouble-free driving by analyzing and communicating a range of information such as conditions of selected routes and local area details.

• Provides navigation, guidance and display information in multiple languages.

Customizing Entertainment to Individual Taste

• Plays driver’s favorite songs from music libraries stored in the cloud.

• Automatically selects music tracks to match driving experience based on location and route taken.

Safe and Easy Social Media Interaction

• Supports non-stop connectivity and safe and easy access to social network services while driving.

• SMS texts and social media messages are read aloud to the driver and can be paused and resumed depending on the driving conditions.

Intuitive Access to Favorite Apps in the Car

• Smart Access compatible apps provide in-vehicle optimized, easy-to-operate interface, minimizing driver distraction.

• Large pool of established app developer and technology partners allow system to offer updates, new features, new apps and cloud-based services.

Natural Speech Recognition

• Designed to take full advantage of natural speech recognition, Smart Access offers a simple and effective way to access information by relying on Clarion’s Intelligent VOICE Powered by Google.

• Cloud server analyzes spoken information and responds to naturally expressed queries such as “What’s good for lunch around here?”

• Intelligent VOICE is context aware and adapts to the user to anticipate follow-up or future queries

Real Time Vehicle Monitoring

• Analyzes vehicle condition, communicates information and warns drivers about maintenance or repair needs.

• Offers troubleshooting or roadside assistance by analyzing the condition of the vehicle and looking for best, applicable solutions.

Real Time Information and Monitoring of Public Transportation

• Keeps track of the operational status of public transportation systems and offers real-time information for efficient use of public transportation.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Management

• System is designed to offer EV management services for energy efficiency and offers a layer of safety for EV operation, including identifying charging facilities or suggesting alternative routes to avoid congestion or uphill treks.

Fleet Management

• Apps designed to help manage transportation and delivery systems using Smart Access are under development allowing for management of delivery schedules, cargo status, drivers’ location, etc.

Some features are in development and may be subject to change.

Smart Access—Putting a stop to stop-and-go connections.


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