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In its current form, to begin using Smart Access, you will simply download the Smart Access “master app” to your iPhone or Android smartphone from the corresponding app store. The Smart Access app then identifies and recommends installing all available Smart Access compatible apps on your smartphone. Next, you will need a Smart Access capable source unit like Clarion’s new NX604 multimedia systems or any compatible OEM system. Pairing your smartphone to a Smart Access capable system turns the Smart Access master app into a gateway to the Cloud where the compatible apps come to life and get you instantaneous access to many in-vehicle activities like real-time analysis of your destination routes, letting you customize your entertainment options, enabling you safe and easy access to your social media networks, monitoring status of your vehicle, and providing easy, distraction-free use many of your other popular smartphone apps while driving. In addition, Clarion’s context aware Intelligent VOICE speech recognition system available within Smart Access allows you the freedom to input destinations and search millions of POIs by speaking naturally without the need to use special commands or follow specific prompts.

Unlike other in-vehicle systems that promise some of the features or capabilities of Smart Access, there is simply nothing out in the market that competes directly with Smart Access. And, that’s not a coincidence – Clarion has spent several years developing and testing the Smart Access system to a point that it offers maximum operational reliability and safety while optimizing consumer interface and ergonomics.

Smart Access is practically a future-proof platform courtesy of its adaptable architecture and always-on, uninterrupted network connectivity. Today, there is no other cloud-based system in the world that provides such a robust mix of real-time services and support while continuing to evolve and adapt daily to the activities and preferences of the users.

Smart Access – Real-time Services at Your Fingertips


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