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Live and Let Drive

Imagine a tool that allows drivers to simply communicate with their cars like the way they would communicate to a friend or assistant asking for their input or suggestions. Imagine the same drivers texting, Tweeting and updating their Facebook pages, tuning in to Pandora, checking tomorrow’s weather and searching for millions of places and Points of Interests anywhere and anytime without distraction as they safely keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. Imagine a world where cars look after their drivers not by just pampering them in soft leather but by keeping them constantly aware of road condition and hazards, vehicle performance, and traffic situations by communicating the information real time and automatically reducing driving risks by constantly monitoring the cognitive load of drivers and adjusting driving parameters as needed.

Introducing Clarion’s exclusive Smart Access—the world’s most advanced cloud-based information access, analysis and sharing platform. With a wide variety of real-time services and a safe way to use dozens of apps while driving, Smart Access boasts a fully adaptable architecture and always-on connectivity that makes it virtually future-proof.

Browse through this site for information on Clarion’s Smart Access and learn how it will soon be changing the way you drive and think about your car on the road.

Smart Access—Welcome to the Future


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