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In addition to its dozens of compatible apps and an easy-to-use interface, Smart Access offers real-time vehicle monitoring, context aware natural voice recognition, advanced CRM and VRM capabilities, Electric Vehicle management services and uninterrupted access to Hitachi’s extensive Global Data Center—making Smart Access the most robust cloud-based, in-vehicle information system on the market. In addition to designing and building new apps specifically designed for use in cars, Clarion’s Smart Access team also manages a large pool of established app developers and technology partners in the Silicon Valley, allowing our system to provide updates, new features, new apps and other cloud-based services without burdening OEM resources.

And, always looking forward, our new Fleet Management app will enable transportation and delivery companies to use Smart Access to locate drivers, manage delivery schedules, check cargo status and much, much more.

Natural Speech Recognition Powered by Google

• Designed to take full advantage of natural speech recognition, Smart Access offers a simple and effective way to access information by relying on Clarion’s Intelligent VOICE Powered by Google.

• Cloud server analyzes spoken information and responds to naturally expressed queries such as “What’s good for lunch around here?”

• Intelligent VOICE is context aware and adapts to the user to anticipate follow-up or future queries

Policy Control

• Smart Access’ flexible, tried and tested Policy Controls, allow OEMs to easily access set-up and maintain policies for each individual application based on 52 possible criteria.

Safety & Security

• Applications approved by and compatible with Smart Access provide easy-to-operate, distraction-free interfaces designed and tested for in-vehicle use.

• Less distraction while driving translates to a greater level of safety and security.

VRM and CRM Control

• Smart Access provides a one-stop all inclusive system to handle VRM (Vehicle Relationship Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) requirements, allowing OEMs to provide real-time vehicle and customer support.


• Clarion’s Smart Access cloud network grows and expands with time as it looks proactively for new apps and services and adapts/optimizes them for in-vehicle use.

Partnerships with App Developers

• Our extensive and growing list of partners ensures availability of popular apps running on Smart Access.

• Clarion’s Smart Access team manages partner relationships, as well as the development processes and customization of the apps, without burdening OEM resources.


• Smart Access is a one-stop, all-inclusive Clarion-managed cloud system that saves OEMs on expenses, time and development hassles.

• OEMs can leverage Clarion’s established partnerships and already tested/approved Smart Access content/apps to quickly bring a complete system into market.

Ease of Integration

• Clarion’s Smart Access SDK (Software Development Kit) allows for easy integration of 3rd party application on both the iPhone and Android.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Management

• Management of EV services and analysis of real-time performance metrics is easy with Smart Access.

• Enhances appeal and security of EVs by including real-time capabilities for monitoring and controlling the parameters required for successful operation.

Hitachi’s Extensive Cloud Network

• Smart Access is the only in-vehicle system that has uninterrupted access to Hitachi’s Global Data Center, making it the most robust cloud-based in-vehicle information system in the market.

• With Hitachi’s industry-leading Global Data Center, which continuously analyzes cloud memory data, possibilities for offering unique and new in-vehicle services and support systems are endless.

Some features are in development and may be subject to change.

Smart Access, Smart Business.


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